About Us


We are Alicia and Travis Haynes. We have shared a love for coffee and quiet time together since we married 10 years ago. Continuous Coffee is the joyous result from our long time dream to provide GOOD COFFEE to friends and neighbors all over! We've lived in tiny towns, and big towns, near the coast and in the plains. The one thing that has never faltered is our need for coffee. 

Over and over we asked ourselves, why don't we just start a coffee business where we can get it delivered to our door, every month without fail? Of course, life got in the way.

Now, here we are in 2021 and we still need coffee, and we're sure you do too. Thankfully, Continuous Coffee is now here to meet that need. 


contact us - email: sales@continuouscoffee.com/ phone #805-221-7301